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prison outreach

The Nielsen House of the Past
The New Neilsen House
Thurston Village
Charlotte Square
Jennifer House
Voters Block
Home: Who We Are

SCPO is the only program in Monroe County offering residential wraparound support to individuals re-entering the community from institutions like jail, prison, and treatment centers. Since 1981, a robust network of peers and supporters has formed, providing an invaluable backbone to the suite of programs offered in our variety of residences.


Emergency/ Transitional Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing


Start of the
Re-Entry Journey:

Enter Jennifer House or Nielsen House

First Step: Empowerment Program

  • Peer Support

  • Basic Living Skills

  • Trust Building

  • Trust & comfort established

  • Start economic goals

  • Housing & education/vocation options

  • The "how-to" of building the life you want

  • Options post Jennifer/Nielson House

  • Increased Independence

Exit to New Beginnings Program or Economic Independence
  • For individuals that require intensive, continued, case-managed support after leaving transitional housing.

  • Assistance with networking & job readiness

  • Continued support after employment is attained

  • Strong network of employers & educational programs

Economic Independence

  • Live in New Beginnings Housing or elsewhere in the community

  • All are always welcome to return to Jennifer House and Nielsen House


Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach earns a 'Give with Confidence' 97/100 Rating From Charity Navigator

Charity Navigators give with confidence badge.
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