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"...if you are experiencing your own addiction, or work with people who are, or are missing people you love to drugs, it is a ray of hope." 

-Catherine Cerulli, J.D., Ph.D.

By Dellenna Harper, Jane Sutter Brandt

God's Teardrop is one woman's story of heaven's response to a world filled with: racism, sexism, bullies, oppression, shame, guilt, and addiction. This is the life journey of a survivor who cried out from the depth of her soul. Dellenna Harper takes the reader through the darkness of addiction and prostitution, to the challenges of recovery and the incredible resilience of the human spirt. What Dellenna shares is honest and inspirational and provides a pathway that others may follow. People struggling with addiction, people in recovery, families affected by addiction will all find hope by following Dellenna's transformation.

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