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Directors Welcome

Lisa Buscemi

My name is Lisa Buscemi and I am the Program Director of the Jennifer House. I was born and raised here in Rochester. My passion for being able to serve our women stems from my own personal journey from being an Alumna at Jennifer House and also my journey process of recovery. I started my process back in 2008 when I came to learn about the Jennifer House while I was incarcerated and they brought the State of the Heart in to the jail. That was not my first time coming through these doors. I ended up coming here 3 different times and finally in 2017 I understood what I needed to do in order to truly recover and learn to love me again. The Jennifer House helped me with that process and I was able to start my dream by working here in 2018. I became The House Manager in 2019 and was blessed to accept the Director position in January of 2022. I know this is where I am meant to be and where my passion lies, in helping the ladies that come through the door here. I am able to help them learn a new way to live and let them know that we do recover. I have truly found my calling and I am so grateful for it. The Jennifer house saved my life and now I can help others save theirs.

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